Adventures in Braemar

The Trial of Varren

The Gang discovers the legal system

Two Blades of Heironeous, Caliphus and Rusty arrive in town. The ever-curious Rusty begins asking questions immediately and soon enough, the thoroughly inebriated Kai (at 6:30 in the morning), introduces the Blades to Varren. At this point, Caliphus insists that Varren be tried in court for his crime.

At the insistence of Alarus, Caliphus and Roscoe obtain a writ of trial from the King.

The Gang nominates D’ont’ae to the jury. Varren nominates Amelia. And Caliphus nominates Rusty.

The prosecution, lead by Kai and Alarus, with Seu’ku occasionally switching sides, brings Delilah, Sigrid, and Varren himself to the stand. The defense, lead by Varren and Roscoe, with Sue’ku occasionally trying to help, cross the witnesses.

The case comes down to whether or not Varren was responsible for the crime that he committed. Many provocative arguments are made, and in the end, Varren is found not guilty, by a split vote (with Amelia still voting for guilt).



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