Aarakocra, far from home


Aarakocra Ranger

Lv. 7

Extra Attack
Colossus Slayer
Multi-Attack Defence
Favored Enemies – Goliaths, Dwarves


A being of the Plane of Air, Kai was ejected from his home during a particularly intense hunt for reasons unknown to him. Crashing on the desert, he found himself alone and lost in an unknown land. Conscripted by the Alliance forces and with no direction, he finds himself with a mismatched party fighting the Outsider forces as a means to an end – to return home. But he fears that the Outsiders represent a threat to his home dimension as well.

After the closing of the dimensional portals, he finds himself with little to no chance of returning home. He blames the Dragon for this course of events.

He has the appearance of a man-sized Eagle with arms, but with the bright coloration of a parrot.


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