Adventures in Braemar

Separating the Planes (part 2)

The Gang figures out that things are not as they seem

So… D’ont’ae shows up because he was fighting Outsiders when they teleported him to the new fight in the outpost.

The fight rages on, with D’ont’ae in the mix.

Gravity turns off.

Varren recovers a portal device from the White Masked Killer and opens a portal to the plane of law. Seu’ku puts her shoulder in the portal and when Thadius severes the dimensions, she severes her infected shoulder.

The group retreats to a room with gravity, collects their thoughts. Njordr has a minor psychotic break and Varren talks her down.

Then the group goes back to Ithwin.

Ithwin is partying, as the Outsiders have retreated to consolidate. The group gets to drinking. Varren meets with the lawyer and when he comes back he stabs and kills thadius. He is then detained by Alarus with D’ont’ae, and Kai.

The group imprisons him and discerns that he is wearing a mask that makes him obey any command he is given.

Seu’ku discovers that Varren was, before he lost his memory, Han.



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