Adventures in Braemar

Separating the Planes (part 1)

The Gang makes a choice

The gang meets Njordr, an infamous warlord who has been fighting alongside the Alliance for personal reasons.

They team up and go to the nearest outpost to the east to get Thadius to separate the planes. When they get there, Alarus uses the demons from his book to scout. They head in and Njordr uses his retarded half giant, half who knows what to block the entrance.

Inside the outpost, the meet Two Tongues Four Eyes (previously known as three toes) and he pitches them an alternate solution. He says that if they separate the planes the outsiders will simply dig in. But if the party instead let’s the planes be, the Outsiders will surely retreat when the new king is named.

While Alarus goes to talk to the lawyer, the party decided to separate the planes. Battle ensues.

Luckily, earlier, Thadius had a plan to circumvent the Time Flayers, which involved using time travel to make a time-scar. He used Kai and Amelia, giving them devices that need to sync up. So when the battle at the outpost got rough, Kai from the future showed up.

Two Tongues is killed after magically compelling Kai to kill him, so he turns into a spore and infects Seuk’u.



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