The Man in the Mask


Varren led an expedition into the Deadlands, meaning to retrieve a particular ancient artifact for a wealthy patron, as was his specialty. During the expedition, he came upon an ancient tower, which housed a laboratory with a large red gem fitted into a complex machine. Removing the gem seems to have echoed or disrupted some temporal remnant of the Cataclysm, pulling Seu’ku and Madtooth Wolfborn from their time-lock, and D’ont’ae Steel from some other plane. The demon within the gem offered them a wager, and revealed that the Cataclysm was caused by a similar wager by the Gambler of Souls, the sorcerer known as Han.

Shortly thereafter, the party became lost and separated in the Underdark. What exactly transpired down there, and how Varren emerged, remains unknown.

What is known is that Varren emerged from his time in the Underdark, wearing the cursed irremovable black helmet, only to be imprisoned by the Outsiders and subsequently freed by Breanne and the other members of the Alliance.

He now works with the Alliance to drive the invasion from the Material Plane.


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