Rougish Druidish Sand Elf Weretiger


80 years prior to the Cataclysm, Seu’ku left her waring druid tribe to become a traveling mercenary with questionable morals. During the Cataclysm, Seu’ku, along with her fellow barbarian mercenary Madtooth, were pulled forward through time 300 years. Then shit got continually weirder and more complicated.

While fighting the outsiders, Seu’ku was infected by a weretiger which she was pretty happy about until she accidentally murdered a unicorn during the full moon.

In the insane battle to close the dimensional planes, Seu’ku removed her own shoulder in a desperate fight against the parasite general, Two Tongues Four Eyes. She still has her own frozen disembodied arm but is getting more and more depressed by it.

Seu’ku would likely be spiraling down into a deep depression and anger, but was given a puppy by the Dragon employer. This puppy is the cutest thing that has ever lived and is currently the only reason Seu’ku doesn’t rage murder assholes.


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