Outsider Deserter


CG Goliath Fighter 7


Alarus served in the Outsider army as a Sargent. He served with distinction for many years under his clan leader. However his clan leader was killed and replaced by a non-goliath commanding officer. When given an order by the new commanding officer that would kill many of his men, Alarus killed his commanding officer, then taking a captured human scout named Fangen fled into the surrounding wilderness attempting to put as much distance between him and the invading force as possible.

As time has passed, Alarus’s motivations have begun to shift from simply fleeing The Outsider Invasion to bringing vengeance to the Outsiders for the enslavement of his people. He possesses a strong sense of justice and the incessant inability to leave fallen comrades behind.

Alarus wears a massive, terrifying suit of armor known as The Tomb, which gives him incredible regenerative powers, but may also be causing him to rot away. Alarus also currently carries the polymorphed Fangen, and Fangen’s interdimensional clone in his backpack as chickens.

He currently stands guard over Varren for his murder of Thadius Lathiacker in Ithwin City.


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