Adventures in Braemar

The Trial of Varren
The Gang discovers the legal system

Two Blades of Heironeous, Caliphus and Rusty arrive in town. The ever-curious Rusty begins asking questions immediately and soon enough, the thoroughly inebriated Kai (at 6:30 in the morning), introduces the Blades to Varren. At this point, Caliphus insists that Varren be tried in court for his crime.

At the insistence of Alarus, Caliphus and Roscoe obtain a writ of trial from the King.

The Gang nominates D’ont’ae to the jury. Varren nominates Amelia. And Caliphus nominates Rusty.

The prosecution, lead by Kai and Alarus, with Seu’ku occasionally switching sides, brings Delilah, Sigrid, and Varren himself to the stand. The defense, lead by Varren and Roscoe, with Sue’ku occasionally trying to help, cross the witnesses.

The case comes down to whether or not Varren was responsible for the crime that he committed. Many provocative arguments are made, and in the end, Varren is found not guilty, by a split vote (with Amelia still voting for guilt).

Separating the Planes (part 2)
The Gang figures out that things are not as they seem

So… D’ont’ae shows up because he was fighting Outsiders when they teleported him to the new fight in the outpost.

The fight rages on, with D’ont’ae in the mix.

Gravity turns off.

Varren recovers a portal device from the White Masked Killer and opens a portal to the plane of law. Seu’ku puts her shoulder in the portal and when Thadius severes the dimensions, she severes her infected shoulder.

The group retreats to a room with gravity, collects their thoughts. Njordr has a minor psychotic break and Varren talks her down.

Then the group goes back to Ithwin.

Ithwin is partying, as the Outsiders have retreated to consolidate. The group gets to drinking. Varren meets with the lawyer and when he comes back he stabs and kills thadius. He is then detained by Alarus with D’ont’ae, and Kai.

The group imprisons him and discerns that he is wearing a mask that makes him obey any command he is given.

Seu’ku discovers that Varren was, before he lost his memory, Han.

Separating the Planes (part 1)
The Gang makes a choice

The gang meets Njordr, an infamous warlord who has been fighting alongside the Alliance for personal reasons.

They team up and go to the nearest outpost to the east to get Thadius to separate the planes. When they get there, Alarus uses the demons from his book to scout. They head in and Njordr uses his retarded half giant, half who knows what to block the entrance.

Inside the outpost, the meet Two Tongues Four Eyes (previously known as three toes) and he pitches them an alternate solution. He says that if they separate the planes the outsiders will simply dig in. But if the party instead let’s the planes be, the Outsiders will surely retreat when the new king is named.

While Alarus goes to talk to the lawyer, the party decided to separate the planes. Battle ensues.

Luckily, earlier, Thadius had a plan to circumvent the Time Flayers, which involved using time travel to make a time-scar. He used Kai and Amelia, giving them devices that need to sync up. So when the battle at the outpost got rough, Kai from the future showed up.

Two Tongues is killed after magically compelling Kai to kill him, so he turns into a spore and infects Seuk’u.

A Trip to Voranthal
The Gang Attempts Diplomacy

After the previous days invasion, Sigrid approaches the group and explains that the Yugoloths that attacked them the night before are controlled by the Books of Keeping. A series of artifacts that will control the demon army.

Sigrid and the Lawyer both pitch new missions. Sigrid wants the party to get the books. The lawyer wants them to close the dimensional folds.

The gang decides to get the books for now. Which are being held on the island of Voranthal due to its strange dimensional properties (No plane shifting can occur on the island)

Delilah introduces the gang to Roscoe, a member of the Ithwin diplomatic corps, and her patient. They set sail to Voranthal and meet Proconsul Agash, who explains that Voranthal is neutral in this war. He asks that the party have dinner with the Gith diplomats (the Gith are the Outsiders).

After intimidating/gossiping with the staff, the party decide to have dinner with the Gith envoy. They meet Aezyth and Makaiah and Roscoe sniffs the demon books under Makaiah’s armor. After some talk, Makaiah explains that the Outsider invasion was a show of force so that the Outsiders would be feared, instead of persecuted upon their arrival. “One kingdom must fall to us, so that the others will bow to us.” This leads Roscoe on a tear and he really gives those Githyanki a piece of his mind.

After dinner, that gang begins shadowing the Githyanki, and after some weird discombobulated run-ins, Varren sparks the combat by sneaking into the inn the diplomats are staying in and getting the drop on Aezyth.

Makaiah and Aezyth are dispatched, brutally, and efficiently. Alarus has their corpses Taxidermied. Varren finds some notes in Aezyth’s room. The party, asked to return the rings of mind shielding the proconsul gave them, return the two rings they took from the gith bodies, which happen to still store their souls…

Also, Alarus is slowly rotting… which is fine.

Ithwin, Under Seige
The Gang gets their memories back

Once in Ithwin, Alarus worked to reconstruct his memories with Delilah, the memorysmith. He remembered going to the plane of law and doing battle with himself. When he awoke, he got a drink. But demons, as part of the Outsider siege, set upon the inn. The party did battle with the demons. And in walked D’ont’ae Steel. A monk they once travelled with. During the fight, Varren was cornered and didn’t know what to do, so he smashed the diamond core from Sigrid’s failed machine and teleported himself and the Demon to the roof of a nearby lighthouse. Then he leaped into the ocean. The fall should have killed him, but his cursed helm kept him alive.

When he returned to town, D’ont’ae had made his way to the walls of Ithwin with Mose, where they kept the city safe. Back at the Inn, the party slept. But Delilah offered to restore Varren’s missing memories. After a rest, he agreed.

And so she restored his memories.

The Road to Ithwin
The Gang realizes they aren't exactly heroes

Because the Plane of Law cannot allow fiction, Thadius’s book is all true. The Outsiders, and all their ways of operating, plus the mountain fort, the hydra, the necromancer, Callam Zeed, Two Tongues Four Eyes, he wrote it all down. Except his heroes (who technically won) were not the Party. Thadius was confused as to how this happened, though he figured it might have to do with the fact that the Outsiders employ time travellers.

So the group is pulled back to the material world and has to fight some gnolls. Alarus is there but without memories.Thadius explains that all he needs is another Outsider Beacon, which should be in any of their forward camps, and he can permanently stop them from travelling between planes. So the party decides to go to Ithwin because there is a Memorysmith there who can get Alarus his memories back, and the Outsiders are planning to siege Ithwin, so they can find a beacon too.

On the way there, Seu’ku realized she had become a full on Weretiger ( from waayyy back) and now a full moon was coming. So she head one direction while the party headed another. She lost control under the moon for three nights, hunting an elusive smell. Sadly, when she found it, it was a unicorn, which she had eaten.

Meanwhile, the party found a deserted, ransacked town and a teenager named Amelia, who might have a connection to a character in Thadius’s book.

Amelia, wishing to distance herself from the necromancer raising her friends as zombies, scouted ahead, but not before visiting the grave of her dead brother Authias who died in infancy before she was born.

On the way back to Ithwin, Kai realized that Amelia had celestial blood.

When the reached Ithwin, the siege had already started.

Adventures in the Plane of Law
The Gang Loses Their Goddamn Minds

Sigrid told the group this:

“There is an Algothin Proverb I am fond of. It goes, “This statement is false.” You see it right? Our universe is rife with paradox. Everything from magic to the weak nuclear force. The one consistency of our universe is incoherence. But the plane of law is different. There, the rules make sense and cannot be broken. There are no paradoxes. They have their own math, their own physics. There is no gravity. You stay on the ground through sheer force of will. But, because the rules are so rigid, they are easy to exploit. On the plane of law, if you can prove something to be true, and I don’t mean use clever rhetoric to obfuscate, but I mean, really prove it, based on their laws, then you can create whole empires from pure theoretical thought. It is a dangerous place for a scientist. Which is probably why the dimension consistently rejects me.”
“That’s the other thing. To enter the plane, it must create a Predictability Matrix around you. If it can’t, it expels you instantly. Once there, you can move around freely, but if you become too unpredictable, the plane treats you much in the same way your body treats a virus.
I have never been to the plane of law myself so I cannot offer you practical advice in how to find my wayward cousin. But I will give you this note. It should provide you with some of the tools you need to succeed on the journey ahead.”

“1. I exist.

2. I exist, ultimately, in a reality.

3. I exist ultimately, in a reality that is governed by logical and coherent principles.

4. Because I exist, ultimately, in a reality that is governed by logical and coherent principles, nothing in unpredictable."

So the Party was transported to the Plane of Law. Only, Alarus was not with them. They met a nice little Modron named Ipsnee who really wanted some rust. So they bribed him with a rusty whistle and they had him lead them to a major city. They had to do battle with a clockwork dragon, thousands of Modrons, and an invisible maze. Seu’ku discovered how to manipulate gravity and Kai discovered that the odds of him just knowing how to get through the maze were slim, but still possible.

Then, in the city, Varren played chess with a mechanical turk. The turk warned him of a deeper pit to come.

Then they found Thadius’ layer and Kai pulled him from a fictitious book called “The Folly of Solbec.” This book was notable because it featured real events, even though it was supposedly fiction.

The missing prisoner
The Gang fights a hydra

While the gang consolidated and read the reports from the fort, Alarus set about trying to find the prisoner he had taken during the fight. The Goliath had somehow escaped on the top floor, where the Beholder zombie had been killed.

Kai found that Callam Zee was dead. Beholder got him.

Breanne took the bodies outside to either burn or bring back, depending.

Varren investigated a horrible nauseating rock that was in the basement. He discovered from the writings that the rock was a beacon, and Furnace (the shield that could detect polymorph) was the anchor that allowed the mountain fort to enter this dimension.

Then, an Alliance hunter found the party and told them he was hunting the Outsiders greatest general, a parasite named Two Tongues Four Eyes. Then Alarus discovered that the Beholder Zombie had been hollowed out. He realized the prisoner must have hid inside the beholder corpse. Then escaped. The party thinks he must now be Two Tongues, so they followed him. On the way, a hydra attacked them. When the defeated it, they came upon an Outsider force. Two Tongues emerged with the chicken hostage. So Alarus challenged him to a one on one duel. Alarus won, but the Outsider mages destroyed the shield, freeing the mountain fort and its contents from this dimension. Alarus got his chicken back and they returned to a hollow fort. Breanne was still around though, and so was a Lawyer, working for theDragon, who wanted to hire them.

The Dragon's Deal
The Gang Goes to Prison

The Lawyer’s deal was that the Dragon would help the party get what they need to expel the Outsider army. He gave Alarus a set of heavy armor called “the tomb” and set them in the direction of a prison by a lake. The party snuck in, killed some folks, were ambushed by an Assassin in a White mask, and eventually found Sigrid Ethelberry.

Then, the group got him out and he explained that he is Thadius Lathiacker‘s Cousin. And Varren suggested earlier that they go find Thadius. So… that’s what happened.

Taking the Mountain Fort - part 2
An old friend returns

About a year ago, Seu’ku abandoned her companions in the underdark with no food and no support.

But on the day they took the Mountain Fort, Seu’ku discovered at least one of them had survived. Varren, the rogue in the cursed helm, was found by Breanne, taken prisoner by the Outsiders. She killed most of the prisoners who could not fight, and turned them into zombies. But when she threw a knife at Varren’s head, he caught it. So she let him keep the dagger.

The fight to take back the Mountain Fort turned out to be far more complicated and confusing then they realized involving many shifting hallways and teleporting doors. But they eventually took it, and reconnected with Varren. While the doors were open villagers from the surrounding villages began pouring in, realizing that the fort was now in alliance hands. Then the group noticed a Dragon in the distance.


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